Samalie- My Experience

Samalie- My Experience

Kampala, Uganda

I experienced many different churches, but struggled connecting with God

As a child, I enjoyed church and the things of God so much that my Saturday morning ritual as a child was to lie in the chair and read a Good News Bible out loud. Perhaps it was penchant for stories and the Bible was the biggest storybook there was.

That hunger for God stayed with me as an adult. Over the years, I experienced many different churches, but struggled connecting with God. It felt like there was an invisible wall between God and I that stood in my way every time I tried to draw nearer.

I came to Alpha with great expectations and they were surpassed!

The videos were perfect for me, TV junkie that I am! I took to them like a fish to water. If it were up to me, I would have watched them all one after another over and over again!

The messages were so simple yet poignant! I was profoundly touched to say the least. It felt like several light bulbs went on in my mind all at once and I could see what was there all along!

The discussions made me stop and really think, and as I took the action steps called for, such as forgiving and opening myself up to God, the walls came tumbling down! I rediscovered my love for the Bible when my group leader shared an audio Bible, I reached out to family members I hadn’t spoken to in years.

I felt emotionally strong enough to finally reach out to and forgive my father from whom I was estranged…I felt at home and truly a part of God’s family.

The climax was at the Alpha weekend when I encountered the Holy Spirit in a very real way. The weeks prior, God had been gently preparing my heart for this encounter. He responded to desires in my heart and answered seemingly simple prayer requests that captured my attention and made me focus solely on him.

Every evening I attended Alpha I left feeling a little closer to God and it culminated into me getting totally submerged by his presence at the Alpha weekend. I encountered God the father, God the son and the Holy Spirit. I left feeling refreshed and very much with God!

Jesus has broken the wall that stood between him and I; I feel His presence daily, talk to him all day long and feel him urge me on. I see Him in my family, my friends, the opportunities availed me, the doors opening for me in my career.

I enjoy the Bible, my hopes and dreams are so much clearer and I am more self assured. Life-changing decisions are simpler to make because I know God has given me divine wisdom.

Fear is a thing of the past because I know that even if I fail or fall, He’s got my back! Jesus has melted the ice in my heart and helped me accept his love and the love of others.

Life truly is Beautiful!



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