Peter's Story

Peter's Story

Kampala, Uganda

I had so many unanswered questions not only about my situation then, but life in general.

My name is Peter Musinguzi.

If growing up from a Christian family was all that was required in life, then I would not have such a story. Mum and dad were all church people. They raised us as church-going children, but as time went on, my idea about church began to change. 

I resented church and as a result indulged in my own appetites. The highlight of all this was when I joined university. As a first year student at Makerere University, I thought staying with my brother who was already at university was safe. This was not really the case as I teamed with my brother into a sinful lifestyle of sexual immorality and drunkenness. Indeed my life was such a mess!

One day my brother decided to leave home and there I was, left alone to the challenges of life. I was frustrated and completely helpless.

I resorted to drinking more alcohol and continued in fornication. I became so addicted to the bar to the point of drinking all day.

One night I drank myself silly and on returning home I was too hungry. As a result, I started cooking food on an electric plate and in the process slept off. On waking up, there was smoke all over the house. The food I was cooking was completely burnt. Meanwhile the cooking plate was also starting to catch fire. Thank God I managed to put out the fire.

Suddenly, I had a voice from within saying, ‘Why do you want to kill yourself?’ The next morning – Sunday, I went to church. While at church, I met this old school friend who asked me to be a part of their cell fellowship. Because of the chaos and confusion in my life I accepted hoping this would be my redemption. I attended the fellowship and felt a little happier but this too was temporary. I felt there was a deep need in my life which was not satisfied.

Turning point

It was in July 2012 while at St. Francis Chapel – Makerere University that an opportunity to do Alpha was announced. One catch-line I remember was, ‘explore the meaning of life.’ I signed up partly because of what I was going through.

While on alpha, I came to know more about Jesus. I felt most questions in my life had been addressed especially through the small group discussions. During the fifth session, one of the leaders – Christine walked to me and said, "Now I can see your smile!" She did not know the extent of the comment she had just made but it was then that I realised all along Jesus had been transforming my life. What I know smiling was never a part of me. 

One of the most remarkable days during Alpha was the Day-away when I received the Holy Spirit.

I felt peace, light-hearted and relief from my burdens. I know that it was Jesus who changed me through Alpha. Jesus has enabled me to overcome my fears. I am now a changed person. Today I am in church leadership at St. Francis Chapel and involved with Student Alpha. Now I see purpose in my life. I am growing more in concern for others and a desire to reach to more people with the gospel of Christ.

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