Alpha is for Anyone

Alpha is for Anyone

Bible Society, Uganda

It gave me the sense that everyone can be included.

Simon Peter Mukhama, General Secretary and CEO of the Bible Society of Uganda, was introduced to Alpha through his church.

After participating in the course, Simon Peter developed a deep love for Alpha and began running Alpha in various contexts, beginning with his church, and would eventually pursue his love for Alpha through the Bible Society.

Proudly holding up the most recent edition of ‘Light’, the Bible Society of Uganda’s Newsletter, which read, ‘Twelve Blind University Students Graduate from Alpha’

Simon Peter’s passion for everyone to have the opportunity to do Alpha became clear quite quickly.

In March 2014, St. Francis Chapel at Makerere University was running Alpha for a number of students that had come from the university.

However, with 12 blind students present in the group they wanted to do everything they could to make everyone feel included. Realising that splitting the group apart wasn’t an option, with the help of the Bible Association they went above and beyond by interpreting the entire Alpha workbook into braille. Simon Peter described it as a ‘great joy’ to see the blind able to work through the course for 8 weeks with the other students.

Simon Peter recounts that on graduation day they expressed that, ‘they felt valued and loved by God’

In large part due to the fact that they felt like they were a part of things and had equal access to the information, rather than being given what others had already read and taken. ‘It gave me the sense that everyone can be included’, says Simon Peter.

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